TED- Trust

Role: Lead Designer, Lead Animator

Studio: Started at Humble/Postal, Completed at Chimney

Doha Debates is an event where people from all over the world gather and discuss  world-changing ideas. In 2019, TED  partnered up with Doha Debates, and decided to create a series of animations to be shown before every one of those discussions. I was fortunate enough to work on the topic of "Trust". The team that I worked with included fantastic artists like Luca Vitale, Abigail Kim and Daniel Ginzberg, and our Creative Director was Sean Eno.  I worked on designing the entire piece, concepting it, storyboarding it and animating many of its sequences.. It made for an intense but rewarding time!

Exploratory Work

Final Design


Exploration- The Pinwheel Version

The beginning.jpg
Intro to our story of Trust.jpg
Moment of trust.jpg
trust title WIP.jpg

Initial Exploration